Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher - a device for mechanical grinding of solid materials by compression and abrasion.

The grinding process takes place in the crushing chamber by means of two plates, with a special coating, called jaws. One jaw is fixed and the other pivoting, with a complex or simple movement (rolling).

Typically, the jaw crusher is used in the primary stage of processing the material and is designed for crushing hard rock with a tensile, compressive strength, up to 300 MPa.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher - a device for the mechanical grinding of bulk solids using an impact-reflective method.

Crushing is carried out by a rotation of a massive rotor with fixed blades on it. The fed material is repeatedly hit with the rotor blades and against the armored walls of the crushing chamber, which increases the grinding effect and accelerates the process of crushing. Impact Crushers are used in both the primary and secondary stages of the processing of bulk materials, with a limit of material compressive strength to 150 MPa.