At our coal depot Riga we offer wholesale and retail sale of coal of various grades and sizes.

We offer delivery of coal via our own transport.

Loading and weighing on an electronic scale is included in the price of coal.

If desired, you can make a selection and loading of coal yourself.

Also, you can place a coal order on our web page via telephone numbers listed below.

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29 Rencenu St ., Riga

LV-1073, Latvia

Phone:   (+371) 67139035

Mob.:     (+371) 26551146

Fax:       (+371) 67139048


Work hours:

Mon-Fri:  8:00 - 17:00
Sat-Sun: Closed

Also, our company offers services for loading/unloading, and storage of bulk materials.

At our coal depot Riga-Prechu we can simultaneously unload up to 80 railroad wagons or 5,000 cubic meters of bulk cargo and 30 grain wagons or 2,000 cubic meters of cargo.

Also, we have the capability to store up to 300 railroad wagons, or 20,000 cubic meters of bulk cargo.

If necessary, we provide crushing and screening service of bulk cargo.

The depot is equipped with electronic truck scales lifting capacity of 60 tons.